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do I need to grow courgettes every year from seed or once I have a few plants will they keep growing & fruiting for a few years?


  • i have a huge grape vine in a green house. i have adopted it on a newish allotment plot i have taken on. i am not quite sure how to take care of it.... can anyone offer any advise please......
  • i had the same problem when i ordered from a well known supplier, i contacted them and they said they would sort it. they didn't and the plants died. i have them delivered to a different address now. good luck with your cabbage!
  • Hi loopy lou, I think ,possibly wrongly, that courgettes are immature Marrows and therefore you would need to leave them on the plant to mature. Then they should be okay.
  • Can anyone give me the correct names and suppliers of "green manure" seeds.
  • To loopy lou: Courgettes are best grown fresh each year,any plants that are left after they have finished fruiting are unlikely to regrow and they would crop very poorly even if they did.
  • This is my first year of growing veg in the allotment, I've had some great crops during the summer which are now just about finished, any suggestions what to start planting now for spring any advice welcome.
  • could anyone give me advice on growing Butternut squash I have tried for the first time this year but have had no sucess either with them in the greenhouse or outside.
  • I am looking for different ways to keep pigeons from my cabbages on my allotment. So far plastic bags blowing about on strings over them seems to be working, but I don't know for how much longer. I am looking for three-way plastic corner joints to fit a plastic tube or bamboo to create a long tent structure from which to hang a net. I know that these exist but I don't know where to find them reasonably priced. Any ideas?
  • I'm new to gardening and I am wondering if it's too late to plant carrots and cabbage. could someone tell me which, if any would be good. thanks
  • Jaka, The best way I have found to keep all animals off your plants is either coloches or mesh/netting. Both are readily avalible and inexpensive. I got some great coloches on e-bay for this year cabbabes, also helps keep the slugs off too. Hope this helps.
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