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I am getting a new classic potting shed (slanting glass on front, back against the south east wall of the house) tomorrow and want advice on how best to use it.  I will be growing some veg (mainly herbs and salads really), but my main interest is flowers, sowing my own and taking cuttings.  How best to use the shed, all year round to maximise its use.  Can't wait to have it, and have some ideas already, but need more,


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    Do you have a greenhouse and coldframe as well, or is this going to have to do both jobs?

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    Mine usually ends up as a shambolic deathtrap filled with broken deckchairs that will never get mended, rolls of half-used fleece and boxes of yet-to-be-washed pots.image

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  • Pansyface,,,that rings a bell but Meadow7 is going to be very tidy.  Time yet for it to turn into what we are all sadly familiar withimage

    Meadow7......Dove is right...........is the Potting shed a "stand alone" and has to be used for everything or do you have G/H and Cold frames too ?  Do you intend to have any form of heating or just planning to keep it frost free ?  If it is "obvious" in your garden, you may want to have stuff flowering in there to make it more attractive.  Have you considered installing some form of lighting in there which would stretch the season for you as far as growing ?  You don't mention the size so a bit difficult to say how much you could do in there throughout the year.  Are you installing a "hot bed" or do you just plan to use a propagator?

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    Its all I have, although I think I will have a cold frame in a short time!  It is 6ft x 8ft, and isn't too obvious, although I do of course intend to have things growing on the bench in the window. I have a solar shed light which I am fitting tomorrow, have seen one and its bright, but can't really use it to extend the day.  I tend to propagate in the spare room which has a sunny windowsill.  I have very good intentions of keeping it tidy, am in the process of organising all my tools on a board with shadow cut outs (a shadow cabinet?!) As it is the first time I have ever started from scratch with a shed, let alone a potting shed, I am full of resolve.  I am in Edinburgh, so its good to be able to extend the season a little and I may have some sort of heating for cold nights.  I already have sweet peas,which I have germinated inside, but there is a lot more bench to fill, may do some winter salad of some sort.  I had a huge polytunnel where I lived before, so I am really adapting to that.  I imagine it will really come into its own in the spring, but just thought I'd ask for some ideas.


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