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Raspberry Canes on Allotment

Hi I would love some advice please, I have just had 12 raspberry canes delivered 6 Tulameen and 6 Joan. My issue is I haven't been able to get the area dug over that I wanted to put them and think realistically it is going to take me a free weeks to get it ready. (weather, work etc has prevented me from getting it done in time) I'm wondering     

if I plant them temporairily on the allotment what damage that will do to them? Currently they are in bags in my kitchen sitting in bowls of water! so they need to get in soil asap. It says on instructions if group too wet or frozen dig a shallow trench and lay them at an angle and cover the roots loosely, how long could they survice like this?


any advice gratefully received




  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160

    I've never quite understood the narrow trench at an angle thing, though I'm sure there must be a reason. If you have a piece of ground somewhere just do a temporary planting, they won't mind being moved later in the winter. Just be careful not to break any new roots they may have made while in their temporary quarters.

    I'm not a fruit expert but I am an expert in buying things before I've created a space for them.

  • I suppose laying them at an angle makes it easier for you to lift them out later without too much root disturbance.I think they'd be OK like this for a few weeks or so, but don't hang about too long or the ground may freeze and delay your plans.

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    I think the narrow trench/angle thing is because there is no support-ie no tied in or roots to anchor-certainly better in the soil that in buckets of water

    As they are dormant plants they should be ok for a few weeks but-without being judgmental- as has been said it would have been better to have had the spot prepared beforehand.

  • " Currently they are in bags in my kitchen sitting in bowls of water"

    Not good as they will be drowning. Bare roots do not really need to be in water prior to planting if the soil is wet in winter...only if in spring. Put the canes in pots with compost: they can stay like that for months.

  • Brilliant thank you all for comments, they are out of bowl now water had only reached loose earth not the roots. someone else suggested planting them in pots big enough for roots and putting whole pot in group to make it easier for moving later. Great forum good to get answers so promptly, only had allot since feb so learning, learning all the time.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160

    Learning never stops. I know why you put things in a shallow trench at an angle now. I've always cut them back so it never occurred to me.

  • Having a think... bare root Raspberry canes can sometimes through out runner, so it looks like you have had no growth then find a cane sprouting in another part of the border. So something to watch.

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