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New garden ... design ideas needed!

M&HM&H Posts: 1

We have just bought our first house. It has a lovely big garden but also quite a few problems to solve. As we are complete beginners, we were hoping to gather some ideas. Our first problem is the patio / porch which is raised quite far above the lawn. There are steps down and it looks like there was a rockery but now it is quite a mess. We also have a baby on the way and the drop from the wall down to the lawn is big, not fenced and so not safe. We quiet like the idea of decking steps down to the lawn but very open to any ideas of how to improve this space. Many thanks!









  • Firstly thinking the water butt has to move as it is not attached to any downpipe that I can see.

    Also wondering is there a reason for the two levels of patio (paving outside back door and french windows) - could the higher one be dropped to the lower level - it looks like it may be blocking air vents or other end raised if air vents not an issue (just noticed the step down from patio doors!) With a level patio, you could put  an attractive open work (so you don't lose too much light) fence and gate up so a toodler could be confined to the patio in safety - a height that is too high for toddlers to scale but still gives you a view of the garden!

    Is the whole garden sloped?

    I think that wide shallow steps would be safer with a hand rail that incorporates a high and low rail for adults and children (hope that makes sense) to get down to the garden.

    I would remove all the rubble at the base of your retaining wall and plant some plants there instead.

    Is ther anything in the garden? Do the steps down lead to a path?

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,811

    Terrific plot to work with M&H, but I'd agree with Daintiness - you need to tackle the patio area first and especially the drop from the French doors. There are new regs in regard to the area immediately outside doors so perhaps that is all in the pipeline. We had a double height patio with young children though and it was never really a problem but it would be better if it could be all one level. A simple fence would be the easiest way of enclosing it and making it safe till children are able to negotiate steps down to the grass. I'd agree - wide shallow steps with low risers would be the best solution. You can use them for pots or large containers too, which means you could have something against the brick wall outside the doors.

    A few pics of that end of the patio would be helpful so that we can get a better idea of the slope down to the grass. image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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