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Help with my front garden

I have a wee front garden that has been sitting unloved for a while. I'm finally getting round to fixing it. 

Decided to put some pebbles/stones down but open to cheap alternatives image

I know I have to remove some of the dirt and put some weed membrane down first. I have a slight problem with one area that is lower than where some paving is see picture with red square. I'm thinking of using some edging blocks to stop the stones falling out.

My level of gardening is grass cutting and weeding! I've no idea if this is a good idea and how I would go about doing such a thing. Do I need to cement the blocks in place? 

Any help or tips would be excellent!





  • Hi

    I had an area just like this one at my first house.

    The good thing is theplants you have add height

    the area next to the steps have you considered using grass-ophiopogon planiscpus a classic with small acers or purple heuchera, both will retain the soil and need very little gardening.

    hostas are a good alternative to gravel as they come upyear after year and just need a bit of an occasional trim   the more you plant the less problem with slugs as they dont like living in them

    good luck



  • Thanks for your comments! That grass-ophiopogon planiscpus is interesting stuff!

    Forgot to say that my house is up for sale in a few months so just trying to tidy the area up. Should I not bother with the block edging along the path right up to the hedge?

    Should have said before this area was covered with crappy old slabs.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,672

    If you're putting the house  up for sale I wouldn't go overboard with expense. A few larger rocks on the wall edge would do the job and cover up the rough edge of the wall. They wouldn't need fixed in place if they were a decent size but you can buy ready mixed mortar which you could use just to make sure they don't fall down on any prospective buyers! Alternatively, keep it tidy and just lay the gravel. You could dig down a bit along the wall edge and  create a gentle slope leaving a small 'ditch'. The gravel will then be contained by the wall without spilling over. 

    A couple of nice pots of seasonal planting or bulbs near the front door will catch the eye when you put it on the market. image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Hi

    forget the grass not worth the effort if your selling.

    I'd go with fairy girl nice natural gravel shallow ditch needs only to be hand depth and a few pots.

    keep it simple so buys dont think your hiding something

    good luck with the sale 

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