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Need an easy use composter



  • Oh dear - I'm the original hit-and-miss composter, with six dalek bins in use, plus plastic sacks for the autumn leaves.  I do get a huge return from bins though.

    Artjak, I'm sure you will know why the worms in my bins head for the lid.  Everytime I open a bin I find myself scooping them up from the edges where they seem to be running away, and dropping them back into the centre.  One of my bins is alive with wrigglers in the lid at the moment - I have been redistributing them amongst the other bins.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    There seem to be many theories on these threads, GG.

    Some say it is too hot for them, some say there is not enough edible material for them, some say it is too dry...etc.

    I think I will have to ask the guy at Garden Organicimage

    Of course, they could just be popping up to say hello!image

  • aha - so the multitude in the more soggy bin are are getting too hot?  I'm sure they'll enjoy being relocated to the drier bin next to it.....but wasn't that the one that housed the grass snake in the summer? And he, with his beautiful blue eyes, did say hello to me daily for weeks!

    they are certainly the biggest fattest worms that I see, so running out of food could be the answer?

    thanks, Artjak, anyhow....always something fascinating going on in the garden.

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