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bizarre situation- what would you do?

Hi All I need some advice on a bizarre situation on my allotment.I have been on a list for an additional plot for 18mths-I have half plot at moment. Recently a qtr plot next to mine came up and to my horror was offered to a newcomer as the chair wants newcomers to be given first choice. Fortunately when I made a fuss I was given the adjoining plot. However now it transpires the previous owner NEVER gave it up but as he hadn't paid or maintained it, steward decided it was available. Having had the plot for 4 weeks have paid and worked extremely hard done some planting etc-now steward wants it back! because the previous owner has recently paid and has been seen working on the plot! I'm really upset- what would you do? The committee has rules but tend to do their own thing. I shan't be going to the allotment this w/end-I might say thing I may regret!!


  • Look at the good positive in that you have some ground to grow plants on.

    Many do not.

    Check out the rules, and then attend the AGM and bring this up under any other business .

    Try to make friends with the original holder and find out why he did neglect his site.

    A valid reason may exist .

    I can feel your feeling of unfairness, but I have found to my cost that in the end life is just too short to harbour grudges , and your health suffers .

    Gardening should be about relaxing and not confrontation IMO .




  • Thanks Philippa and Viola Man

    Yes you are both offering sound advice. Actually the chap who owned it is a really nice man and I've missed him and was concerned that he hadn't been around! We call him the 'occasional Gardner!'

    I'm more annoyed with the 'powers to be' at their mismanagement. Its actually a really friendly place and I do so love it.

    Its hard for me to accept the unfairness etc- Its only a plot after all-I guess.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,864

    Yes, I agree with Philippa and Viola Man - life's too short.  image

    It's annoying that the Committee weren't clear about what was happening - it looks as if they tried to please everyone, but we all know that can't be done.

    As you say you've got your nice neighbour back and hopefully you and he can come to some sort of arrangment about the work you've done and the plants you've put in. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Hi Dove- well the neighbor-I doubt If I will see him for a while unless he pops in to plant the garlic. I feel so guilty as I've dug up his plants and thrown them on the compost heap to create space for my asparagus bed! I had great plans for this space and was pinching myself at having such a sunny spot and near the water tank etc.

    Verdun- Yes I will mull it over and then speak with the chair. I don't want to cause problems as its a very knit community but I don't want to taken for a ride either. Diplomacy has never been my strong point I prefer to say as it is-but I will try!
  • DorsetUKDorsetUK Posts: 441

    As both you and your neighbour have been 'dun over' you could perhaps combine a complaint which would make it exactly relevant to the situation.  You say he has been seen working on it?  He must have noticed the difference from when he was last there surely.  Why should you feel guilty, it wasn't your fault in the least.  Just make sure your neighbour understands what has happened and work together to a solution BUT don't let the committee off altogether.  Very slap dash management which could have led to a lot of expense and recrimination.  Try not to call them a bunch of plonkers though personally I most certainly would (well at least the one who mucked it up) image

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    What about asking your neighbour if he would like to share that part of the plot? If it's neglected he may appreciate the help.

    Theres just so much in life to get angry and upset about - just watching the news is mega depressing. Not worth you getting upset in a place you clearly get enjoyment from. Think of it as free exercise and if you can, have a chuckle about the ridiculousness of the way some stuff happens..... and if you really want a giggle let me know. My other half has just purchased the most horrendous cycling outfit! It's like a skin tight adult romper suit. I could try and sneak a photo for you!!image


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Weyplotter I hope your neighbour likes asparagus and you can still have a bed on his plot and maybe share some with him. Hope all goes wellimage

  • Morning all

    Great idea Dorsetuk for both of us to work together and put in a complaint. Having slept over it and the support from you guys- I'm trying to see the funny side!

    Tootles- I will leave what I've planted and the neighbor can do the hard work and I will just enjoy the harvest-3yrs for asparagus!

    You did make me smile about the cycling gear-my husband a non sporting guy a while ago bought cycling trousers so utterly embarrassing, I had to take them to the charity shop.

    I'm planning on throwing a barrow of slugs on the stewards plot I'm sure that will make me feel better-seriously I'll address it from the view the effect it has had on both of us and the misery it has caused due mgt error (incompetence)

    Thanks everyone enjoy the w/end
  • Kathy 2Kathy 2 Posts: 122

    Could it be that the previous plot holder who has "paid up to date fees and been seen working on the plot" was actually mistaken for you who has just paid the fees and has been working on the plot???? Has any other work been done on the plot besides the work that you did? Maybe the steward thought the old plot holder had returned. I hope you get things sorted out soon - let us know.  image

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