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We bought garlic from The Really Garlicky Company up in Nairn and they have been a huge success and we have garlic for ever.  They grew easily even in this cold spot in the Borders and have harvested well and looked graceful when at that stage.  We grow chives, parsley, dill, coriander, thyme, marjoram, fennel and tarragon and rosemary.   This has been a curious year in which some veg did very well but not others.  Our broad beans were odd, but the leeks are good as was the calabrese. The chard has not been overwhelming which is unusual.  We had our very first edible pears after years and apples and huge amount of plums.  It has been a most wonderful Spring Summer and Autumn here in the Scottish Borders and the garden has looked superb throughout with many trees and shrubs doing better than ever before with some good roses.  This is not a spot for good roses normally but we adore them.  Now the garden is being put to bed and here is hoping it is not a severe winter as we can easily have -20c here and did in 2009 and 2010.  That leads to roses, shrubs and hedges dying.  I collect seed from our delphiniums and sow them successfully and have masses of pansies and candleabra primula too.  The gladioli were superb, largely bought the corms for the little grandchildren to plant but we gained enormously from the strong riot of colour.


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