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Laurel Hedge

We planted some laurels two years ago (in the wet summer of 2012).  We watered them regularly and they all did very well.  Over the past couple of months a couple of trees have lost leaves and are now bare branches.  The other trees continue to look ok.  There are approx. 12 trees in all, approx. 5ft high.   Could this be due to this summer's dry weather and the dry autumn? (we live in Norfolk-with low rainfall), we thought they were well established, or could another reason be the cause?  Any help would be appreciated.  I can post photos if needed.   One tree is very brittle, but the other one has a bit of green lower down.  They are next to an established hazel, which does have a couple of dead branches. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Post a photo Lplate, please. Laurel is usually a tough plant, only a few things affect it. Pics of the whole plants affected top to bottom will help us to maybe give you an explanation.

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,089
    Think this needs to go to the front of the queue again.
  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101

    I bought a laurel in a pot which I didn't plant in time and it got nutrient deficient, lost almost all its leaves and looked awful. I planted it in the garden anyway, dosed up with Epsom Salts and 5 years later it's healthy, bushy and almost 10 feet tall! Don't give up on them yet image

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    I eenclose a photo of trees.  Thanks for any advice.  I will try epsom salts,  fingers crossed. 

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