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GirasoleGirasole Posts: 193

I have had my plant for years and it is now getting pretty weedy! Can I let it dry out now and then take off the bulbs, please?


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,536

    I do mine about once a year.

    Just empty the pot and remove corms/rhizomes.Let soil dry out a bit as this makes it a bit easier.

    Refill pot to about halfway with fresh compost,put the best corms on the surface and then fill to the top with more compost.Water and wait.It will not be long before shoots reappear.

    Sometimes while it is growing and it looks 'weedy' I cut off all the foliage (haircut!) and wait for new leaves to grow,top up with fresh compost if needed.

    Some years ago I put all the old soil and corms in the compost bin.Even today I still have plants growing all over the garden from corms that stayed viable in the compost bin!!!

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  • GirasoleGirasole Posts: 193

    madpenguin, I do apologise for not replying to you before ....I have initiated this system of order in my emails and was a bit hasty with yours under 'gardening' before replying!

    Am drying it (the triangularis) out nicely and when I have had a chance to warm up some potting compost shall do as you suggested.

    Again, thank you and apologies image

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