How do I fix climbing plant mesh to wooden fence?

I would like some help with support for my climbing plants. I have got 2 Clematis Montana Rubens and 2 Honeysuckle Copper Beauty which were all planted in November 2013 (last year). At the time, I had no knowledge whatsoever of gardening and got a gardener in to set the plants up. He set up wire supports (using vine eyes) against the wooden fence for the plants to grow and attach to. However, I reckon they are spaced too far apart (about 45cm each) because all four plants have formed patterns that look a lot like cat’s cradle. Certainly not the look that I was after.

What I want is complete coverage of the fence which I doubt will happen with the widely spaced wire supports. I have decided to start all over again but this time do it properly so I figure wire/plastic mesh is the way to go. Can anyone provide me with any visual help of how to set up mesh against a wooden fence? I am tempted to just attach them to the fence using u-nails/staples but my knowledge of physics makes me think it is a bad idea. I would be grateful for suggestions ASAP as I would like to set up the mesh and plant out the replacement climbers before the weather turns.


  • Both of these plants are vigorous twining climbers that don't need much support - they just fling themselves over whatever is nearest. You could have tied them in to the wires as they grew to persuade them to grow in the right direction. I wouldn't bother with mesh, it just makes the plants much more difficult to prune.

    I don't know where you live, but that particular honeysuckle is only borderline hardy in the UK. Clematis montana will always form a huge tangle of stems - I've just cut mine down to the ground as I am replacing the fence, but the fence was completely covered, and the plants were growing into the nearby trees, without any form of wires or mesh. I expect the clematis to regrow in a very short time!

  • Strange, just noticed you have started two threads on the same topic!

  • Thanks for your reply. I thought I had posted my question in the wrong section so re-posted it. Apologies for the confusion. This is my first post on this site so thisis evidence of teething problems!

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