First greenhouse - advice?

I have my first greenhouse as of today and I have no idea how you are supposed to run a greenhouse properly! Should I disinfect it before I put any plants in it? Do I need to block draughts? How do I prevent pests? Any advice on having a greenhouse would be appreciated. (It is 6x8 ft)


  • make sure the floor is level, you will need to have good shelves and a place to pot your plants ,you may prefer to have just beds (wooden beds) . you will need to clean it out twice a year and tidy up(wash the glass and sweep up the soil  and remove any weeds and moss.  Pests will come if you leave any seeds or food and snails can be discouraged by letting a toad take up residence and mind those gaps that let that mouse in .image

  • The advice given by Flowering Rose is ideal in theory........practice (if you are a busy gardener) is somewhat different...........there are plenty of good books on the best way to use a greenhouse.  Think about what you are using it for.......propagating, over wintering, filling it with flowering plants, growing veg/salad  etc ?  It is entirely up to you but just remember to enjoy it image

    Blocking draughts is not always a good need ventilation whatever you are growing otherwise you risk encouraging problems.  Disinfectant is fine when you come to the annual clean up..........not necessary with a new G/H unless you have an identifiable problem.

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    Hi Lily. I got my first greenhouse in April this year and it's brilliant! It will open up a whole new world for you. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

    Ventilation is definitely one of the most important factors.

    I can recommend "The Greenhouse Expert" book as it is a simple guide on how to care for the greenhouse on a month by month basis and gives advice on propagating and caring for plants at different times of the year.


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    Make sure its clean - I cant stress this enough. Whenever you feel you have a chance to do it then do it.

    Coming into the darker/colder months its more essential as moulds can build up quite easily with the moisture levels.

    If its mild enough open your doors and windows just to let air flow through.

    If you stick to these few basic things, your plants will love you.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice image

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