Rock garden

hi , wanting to build a sloping rock garden in the corner, i have the rocks ! any tips ?


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    Make sure you leave some good gaps for plants, play around with the rock until you like it - cause if something not right you will always look at it like that bit would of looked better there, when filling with soil make sure you water it in to let the soil settle in between the rock add more if needed before adding plants

    hope any of this helps

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    A true rock garden should be like a natural outcrop. Make sure the rock strata all align otherwise it will look like a currant bun.

  • Hi there, I am just about to start making a rock garden and came across this lovely book, Alpines An Essential Guide by Michael Mitchell, really helpful, loads of advice for different types of rockeries and some great pictures too. Perhaps the library might have a copy, well worth a look at.

    Good luck and make sure you post some pics when it is done so I can get some more inspiration. image

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    The rock should all slope back and downwards into the slope too, so that water runs back into the slope, and definitely as Hostafan says - don't just stick rocks randomly into a pile of soil otherwise that's exactly what it'll look like image

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  • I'm planning on building a rock garden next year and was wondering if I can use a load of rubble as the base for it?  We have loads lying around and of course the visible layer would be created with far more attractive rocks but would making use of the rubble in this way be feasible?

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 22,194

    sounds like a good plan Rob.


  • My plan too. Not looking forward to shifting it all though.
    Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors. – Mary Cantwell
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