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best way to get rid of rats

hi not sure if this is the right forum. i have rats nesting in the soil of my polytunnel, i know theres poison but with kids and dogs id rather try other ways. ive written on other garden forums with a few answers but most of them saying get a cat or jack russel. niether would be good in a tunnel. so if any ones got a good solution id like to hear, thank you in advance


  • My Dad andus ue a product called Ratty that you can buy from Green Gardener. It really seams to work. If you can dig up the soil where they nest and put a metal mesh over i that helps as well.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    There is a thread entitled Rodents on the next page of this Forum.

  • My cat Rocky! Ace rat catcher, unfortunately he likes to bring them home.
  • eggoxeggox Posts: 3
    thankyou for the replys, , as for rocky the ace rat catcher if you want to travel to ire and can promise he wont damage the plastic on the tunnel or bring them into the house thank you
  • cats are best if not that terrier dogs with pest controller ,gone instance .

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    This time of the year we have had problems with rats  in the green house. We  used some rat poisen  and put it in the hole ' it kept dissapearing till oneday it hadnt been touched.  Couldnt see anything but about a week later a smell , Found 2 rats behind plantpots. We are now having a good clean up - Clearing away anything rodants may use as nesting material. Turning all pots upside down etc  

  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    Rent a lion for a couple  of days !

  • eggoxeggox Posts: 3
    wish id thought of that,,may be you could give me the number i cant seem to find it in the yellow pages
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,069

    In another item in this forum, I think it was about squirrels, someone said rats don't like chilli pepper and paprika sprinkled about.

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  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Busy-Lizzie, isn't the object to kill them rather than discourage them?  They are rats, carriers of disease as well as the damage they do.

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