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We were so impressed with garden fencing installed in a neighbours garden (see photos below) by a local fencing contractor, that we decided to get the same contractor to replace ours.

Neighbours installed fence

 However, when the contractor finished our fencing we were very disappointed with the quality of the finish, and think it is a bit of an eyesore (see pictures below)

Our completed fence by same contractor

 When I asked the contractor why the appearance of the fencing was not as good or pleasing as the fencing he installed at my neighbours, he informed me that "the green / dark colouring of some of the fencing was the effect of the finishing process when the wood was processed during manufacturing, and that it was some sort of preservative".

I asked him why my neighbours fencing did not look like ours when it was finished and he informed me that "it was pure luck on the finished appearance of the wood when bought from his supplier".

He also informed me that my neighbours fencing looked like ours when theirs was finished (which I do not believe to be the case), and that our fencing would look like theirs in about a years time when the wood fencing has weathered.

I asked a friend who has had some experience of working installing garden fencing, and he informed that in his experience he would not have expected newly installed fencing to look the way it is.

I also informed him that the contractor phoned us to ask us if he could install the fencing earlier than originally agreed and asked us if it would be ok to install the 5' 6" fencing that he eventually installed in photos above instead of the  5" fencing that we ordered. The contractor charged us the same price for the 5' 6" fencing as agreed when ordering the 5' fencing.

My friend thought that possibly why we got the fencing for the same price and installed earlier than agreed was that the fencing was from another job where it was not accepted by the buyer.

So what I need are opinions on from anyone on the forum about my concerns on the finished appearance of the fencing installed by the contractor and if what he says are valid.

Look forward to any opinions.





  • Having problems displaying photos correctly, I expected photos to display from using my Dropbox links. Will try and get photos to display properly.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,882

    Tricky without the pix Toonbadger but I've recently installed a lot of fencing (myself, not by a contractor) and a lot of the wood was dark and wet. Lots of timber is stored outside at timber merchants and is therefore wet, especially as it's piled high, but I've never had any issues with it. Some of the stuff I got about six/eight weeks ago for other projects is lighter now, as it's dried out a bit, but the wood's treated so I don't think it makes any real difference, but I understand your concerns.

    I think your friend is probably right about the situation. Does your neighbour have any photos of their fence shortly after it was installed? That may help if you want to take things further with the contractor.

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Hi Fairygirl

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Still trying to get pictures put up. Neighbour has not got any pictures himself, but I am trying to put up pictures of neighbours fence I took about 6 months after it was installed and varnished. I do not believe appearance changed all that much in that time, but obviously the varnish changed the appearance somewhat.

    I guess if like you say fence gets lighter with time then hopefully I can be reassured that in time that my fence will look like neighbours.



  • My fencing installed by contractor





     Fencing same contractor installed in neighbours garden






  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..the links open fine.   I don't know what you're worried about. Personally I much prefer your fencing to that awful colour on your neighbour's.  Yours looks really nice to me, don't like the other one at all...     I really like your fence.

  • Larger picture quality of 1st photo above (which I think is a bit of eyesore)






  • I have to admit I do prefer yours a lot more than your neighbours! 

  • Hi Salino

    Thanks for your thoughts. I can appreciate that the colour my neighbour chose to varnish might not be to your liking (I quite like it), but at least prior to him varnishing it all the wood was of a uniform light wood colour, not the mixture light and dark would that I ended up with.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,430

    I think when you get plants in front of that it will be much nicer than the uniform colour of the neighbour's version. 

    But if it's not what you want and not what was in the agreement, that's a different issue

    In the sticks near Peterborough

    Thanks for your thoughts. Well so far I've had two replies and you've both preferred my fence to my neighbours, so hopefully I'm wrong to think the way I do and the appearance of my fence will grow on me.

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