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Just wondered if anyone has had an infestation of ladybirds today.  We had hundreds on the outside of our house,  they day has been sunny and warm, but where did they all come from?????


  • I had loads on my washing yesterday, had to brush them off before I brought it all in.

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Ladybirds gather at this time of year, it's the start of the hibernation process. Once they find a suitable place to hibernate, they all migrate to that spot. It's a team effort to find a good spot, it's an example of group co-operation to benefit the species.

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     A swarm of ladybirds (or bishy barnabies as we call them in Norfolk ) which occurred by the coast a few years ago. Theory was that these were immigrants flying in from Europe, but latest thinking seems to be that they a British insects, looking for new food sources, becoming trapped against the sea.

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