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Talkback: Heavenly horticultural fleece

Hi Pippa. I too love having fleece and i believe it's made out of polypropylene fibres, so not really envoronmentally friendly, but on the plus side, it's lasts for a long time. It's even more useful up here in the frozen north!!


  • OAP who has difficulty with mowing. What preparation for winter can I give my lawn which is not in a very good condition. Lots of dandelion weeds etc. Can I fertilize it? I mean just throw something across it in a watering can? Its a solid patch but when close up doesnt look too good!
  • We have 'bladder wot'it'. it grows on our flat roof which is covered in felt and has a layer of gravel laid loose. In which the lichen grows when ever we have a extended wet period, it causes no problem but is a bit messy when it dries and gets blown around.
    Doug Ovenden.
    Longworth. Oxon.
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