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Hi all you clever gardeners,I am having problem following this forum,I must be a bit dim but find it confusing,so many parts to it,tried a few times but got knowhere so here I go again.Thanks for the advice on the pansies and violas,think I bought a whole bad batch coz I bought some more and they look fine.My question is Fuscias,I have lots of hanging baskets full of them,really want to keep them for next year but realise I am running out of time here to do what??? Tina


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Firstly Tina-I would worry about where you start a discussion in forum topics-they all appear on the forum in any case

    Now fuchsias-you are leaving it a bit late-but you can try this.

    Extract the plants trim back by about half-remove all leaves and then cram each one into a pot as small as possible to hold the roots-keep this in a frost free place over winter- water really only occasionally-they do not need to be wet -but just ticking over

    Next March -gradually increase watering- spray the plants daily with clear water and with a bit of luck they will start growing again.

  • tina 5tina 5 Posts: 14

    Oh wow thanks for the reply,yes I thought be pushing it with the fuscias,but I will certainly have a go,just the weather has been against me and bless them they have still all been flowering and was so reluctant to do anything with them,just also the ones I have are so beautifull dersperatly would like to hang on to them,also sorry to be a pain but what do I do with my hardy ones?? They are all still in flower and some so pretty.Tina

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Are the hardy ones in the garden beds/borders?

  • tina 5tina 5 Posts: 14

    Sorry to be late back on this ,but yes on both

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Leave them till next March/April then cut hard back to virtually ground level-might seem harsh but they will soon grow back.

  • jojo4jojo4 Posts: 1
    I trim mine down to a few inches and store them in earth or compost in the garage by the window.I keep them pretty dry through the cold weather watering occasionally until they show signs of new growth. Then they get watered about once a week until it's warm enough to put them in the greenhouse and finally Into the garden. In the spring is when I take cuttings as they have a far greater success rate than in autumn. Also less to overwinter that way.
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