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storm damage

my large magnolia was storm damaged two years ago and had to be cut back to the main trunk and has grown about one hundred new shoots, it is now a thick ball 3 meters high & has flowered twice this year and looks very healthy.can i maintain this shape? if so,when and how do i prune.can anyone help?

regards Andrew.


  • Yeah, you can maintain the shape by chopping out dead stems and then pruning by hand to just past a leaf or bud. You can also go at it with a hedge trimmer to get the rough shape and then just tidy up the tips by hand pruning if that's easier - depends how dense it is.  After the first spring flowering and when there's no risk of frosts (wherever you are!) is fine. You'll lose the 2nd flush, but it'll have time to grow next year's flowering wood through the summer. x

  • many thanks Auntie betty

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