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Dwarf Dahlias

Has anyone tried the dwarf dahlia 'Becky' sold at Homebase this year?

They really do stay dwarf and have a very pretty flower.  However the one in pots were riddled with caterpillar and the ones I planted in a small bed got consumed by slugs and snails.

Did anyone grow them more successfully than this and what do gardeners do about caterpillars in their pots?




  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    I work in a Garden Centre at a Homebase branch. Not very fond of The becky Dahlia, tends to be very susceptible to mildew.

    I do end up up throwing quite a few away through the peak season.

    I guess if its grown in containers away from pests it would perform quite well.

    I find Figaro Dahlias best for a dwarf variety, never know what the colours going to be from seed either which is fun ^_^

  • lizmaclizmac Posts: 77



    It sounds as though its a general 'thumbs down' for Becky.

    Lovely to hear from Mattbeer87 - having coped with them in a HB garden centre - a job I always envy every time I go to Homebase  but don't think they would take on a 72 year old retired primary teacher!

    The ones in pots are now looking a lot better -lots of flowers on top instead of hidden amongst the leaves  - perhaps they come into their own in Autumn but I would not advise planting in a bed.

    What do people use for treating caterpillars organically and successfully?  I always feel very guilty if I use a chemical spray and make myself think of the emerging butterfly.  However they can ravage a pot and are so difficult to find.

  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,355

    I do find slugs and Dahlias a big problem, but I am unaware of any caterpillars that eat them.

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