Lightweight hedgecutter

Hi all - I need advice on a lightweight hedgecutter which does the job properly - my partner bought a petrol one, but I cannot lift it when it is full of petrol let alone use it. We have moved to a large overgrown sloping garden so next doors 6 foot plus high hedge is nearer ten foot high on my side - so climbing or a high reach one is needed.  

I am getting fed up of spending money on tools which don't really do a quality job - so am willing to pay for something that is going to do what it should.

Anyone have any personal recommendations they can make please?


  • HD, I don't think the machine you want exists! It's either got to be tough enough to do the job or else made of cardboard so you can lift it over your head. I'm not touting for business, but it sounds to me as though you should stay safely on the ground and get a gardener in to do the job. I'm sure you don't need to cut this hedge more than once a year.

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