Plant Supports for Perennials

I remember seeing Monty Don making plant supports for perennials on a earlier episode of Gardeners World.  Can anybody tell me how he did it?  I know he used metal rods of some description and bent them.


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    Thanks figrat, thats a great idea with the metal rods

  • Thank you for your help, this is exactly what I was looking for

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    You're welcome.
  • Can anyone tell me where I can buy the metal rods to make the plant supports please?


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    Builders merchants. They're steel reinforcing rods.
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    Thanks for that????

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    So glad I saw this. The price for ready made supports is eye wateringly high.

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    It is and with these you can buy the 5m lengths of metal rod and cut them in 2 for tall plants then bend them to size.   I use this size very successfully for echinops, purple phlomis, helianthemums and so on and they do the job well whilst being invisible most of the season.    

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    Hi folks,

    Here is my contribution to this discussion, using the same material (metal rods) but a different method. In France these metal rods are sold in lengths of 6 metres, so I get the merchant to cut them into 3 m lengths for my larger supports and into 2 m for the smaller ones.

    Tutorial on my garden site  here:

    Hope that helps!

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