Cornus Kousa

I have an established Cornus kousa and it always flowers very well. I then wait to enjoy admiring the strawberry shaped fruits which should follow. I get very few most years and then think maybe next year....maybe with more maturity, more water etc. This year with all the rain we have had, it flowered well again and I thought every cloud has a silver lining - strawberry fruit shaped hopefully, but no - so far no fruit at all! Has anyone any experience of this tree and any ideas on its preferences?


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    I seem to remember reading somewher that cornus kousa is not self fertile so you may get better fruit production of you can grow another one nearby.   If you haven't the space, then settle for what you get as the fruits are not edible and the foliage and flowering bracts are the main attraction of these plants. 

    They are also insect pollinated so try growing other plants with nectar rich flowers to attract them.

    The Vendée, France
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    Thanks for that - not self fertile, I hadn't thought of that. There is another one in the next garden to me - a different variety - close enough? The other thing I didn't mention is that in previous years I could see fruit forming but it seemed to drop before ripe - leading me to think a lack of water...this year I haven't even seen that. I have a wildlife friendly garden with lots of plants in flower at the same time so I don't think that is the problem.

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    I think this year has been very bad for pollinating insects.  I have many friends whose apple and pear crops are nil because the blossom was frosted and we've all noticed fewer insects about, probably from lack of food earlier in the season and then too much cold and wet in spring and early summer.

    There's always next year.  Gardeners have to be optimists.


    The Vendée, France
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