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I took some rose cuttings whilst pruning my rambling rose after it flowered, following the instructions given from the Garderners World Website.  The leaves I left at the top of the stems all died, however 2 of the cuttings have lots of new leaves growing on them (which I took to be a good sign!)

When the weather changes I was going to move the cuttings in to my cold frame - my question is will I lose the leaves on the current cuttings over winter and should I not panic if I do!  I have never taken rose cuttings before so do not know what to expect!

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    There is a rose expert on here and he may pop in later to give professional advice. I would expect the cutting to bahave like a normal rose and drop its leaves over winter. Can you see the roots coming through the bottom of the pot?

    There is some good advice in this

  • I have taken rose cuttings for some years now and I take a heel of plant and I take the leaf s off and put in a pot around the edge.I leave them over winter in a sheltered place and come spring the new shoots appear and you let grow little before transplanting.You can leave the leafs on it makes very little difference be ut dont disturb until signs of new growth.I have taken small cuttings from lots different ones the hardest for me was the wild dog rose.any how take lots as some wont take.

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    I only took the cuttings about 6 weeks ago which is why I was stunned to see the new leaves growing so quickly!  I just wanted to check that if the new leaves die back over winter that all is not lost.  I have no idea what to expect not having any experience with roses - I thought they would stay as "sticks" and then next year start to grow new leaves not after 6 weeks!

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    I have saved the advice from  Paul N on taking rose cuttings in my favourites bar. He is really good. I have taken a cutting, well, it was a piece that was broken off in the winds and mine also has lost its leaves at the top but it seems to be hanging in there. I am definately going to have a go at some more.

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    Leaves in six weeks? It sounds as if you are going to be successful. If they are not covered by a plastic bag, try to mist them with a hand sprayer each day. Don't worry too much about them loosing their leaves over winter as all roses will do that anyway.


    Flowering rose.

    Have a look at this link for the Dog Rose (Rosa canina).

    The hedgerows alongside my garden have many Dog Roses and i find tiny examples growing in cracks in the paths or brick walls. I tend to pot them up until I decide where I can place them. I have no experience of taking cuttings of the Dog Rose but they clearly grow well from seed. I have succeeded in growing Rosa rugosa from seed although this is a fair bit slower to reaching flowering stage than taking cuttings. I took a rose hip in the autumn, opened it up and allowed the seed to dry for a few days, inserted the seed in a plastic bag in some sharp sand and left in the fridge for six weeks to immitate the winter (stratification), sow seed in seed compost and wait for the seeds to germinate. One rose hip provided me with eight strong and healthy plants a couple of years later.


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