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Improvised Fruit Cages

Dear John,   Thank you for your email. Unfortunately there were not photos attached.   You might wish to post your images on our forum, as I’m sure other users will be interested to see your idea.   To use the forum, you’ll need to register – the process is free, quick and  easy.   I hope this helps.  

Best regards,   Daniel Haynes  Editor,  


Please find attached photographs of an idea I have had to resolve a particular problem we have been having with blackbirds and jays stealing our cherries.

As our children have now outgrown their garden trampoline it struck me that the frame and cage would lend itself nicely to perform as a fruit cage with a little modification. The beauty of this is that it is already galvanised and suitable for being outside and only needed an additional piece of netting to the top. 

I have adapted the lower frame to form a smaller cage but it could just as easily be extended to suit any requirements. 

There will be many, many of these trampolines being disposed of all across the country, probably given away free if collected and with a little imagination can be made into superb fruit cages.

 I hope this is of interest. 











  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 81,465

    What a good idea!image

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