bags for composting

I was wondering if the large bags that builders get sand delivered in could be used for making compost in ? they are about 1mtr square and made from a woven fabric and the air should be able to get in and water should be able to get out, has any one tried them or any thoughts about them? DD.


  • these are good for doing your leaf mould in, ok for composting if you put some holes in the bottom for the worms

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    thanks Rhod there's some brand new ones at work , i think 2 should do the trick .DD

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    Dduck I wonder if they will get too wet ? Snow on the top etc. Maybe you plan to put something over the top to keep water out and keep some warmth in image Worth a try though if you haven't an area for compost or a Dalek bin. Please tell us how you get on image

    p.s If you have more than one bag, how about making the compost one more rigid at sides with a few bricks and use another as a "lid". image

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    You can bash tree stakes inside each corner (it helps to make holes too) then wire the tops of the bags to the stakes to help keep them upright.

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    It depends on how quickly you want your compost to be ready, you cant beat wood for warmth and that works them best, my OHput a load of stuff in a builders bag in his yard, it wasnt ready a year later, that would be no good for me, I need a quick turnover of the stuff.

    You could do as suggested here, fill the bag then put another right over the top. 

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    dduck - I'm sure one of the forum members - fidgetbones - uses them, but she's on holiday just now. I think it is a bit slower than other materials though.

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    If they're free it must be worth a try. That's a very good priceimage

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    I use them a lot. I cut the grass in the wooded area of our garden after leaf fall,  and stick the mix of grass / leaves into them dotted around. The results are fabulous.

  • I used them to collect millions of leaves last yr-I'm surrounded by trees! I have been adding the leaf mould to my compost and have made the best compost ever. Definitely will be doing the same now.
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    There might be some of those bags here somewhere. We have loads of leaves falling on grassimage

    I might give it a try


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    hi guys thanks for the relpies i'm waiting for an allotment and getting everything I may need in anticipation ,at the moment iv'e only got a small garden at home and don't have the room to make compost but it looks like a worthwhile thing to do,so all this good advice  is much appreciated .DD

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    Some people put an old piece of carpet on top to stop the rain and keep the heat in as heat rises so you don't want to lose it.image

  • you can use just about anything for compost - as long as you allow for drainage. Make sure you have some good holes in the base of your builders' bags - make some, don't trust the drainage they currently have. I have two old pedal bins in my small garden that are always full of leaves. Every few months I empty them out and get fab sticky leafmould. The only protection they get is a newspaper over the top. Go for it!

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