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Cucumber and Spider Mite, Still edible?

Hello All,

This is the first year i have grown Cucumbers (in a container) and I have a plant now infested with spider mites. I have sprayed the affected leaves with dish-soap and water but was wondering if the cucumbers on the plant are still safe to eat....

They look OK.... what are your thoughts on this one?


  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    I would just peel them image Red Spider mites love hot dry air so if you grow cues again it would be a good idea to mist the plants with water regularly image

    Pam LL x

  • Thank you lilylouise!


  • liz.. best thing i have been told and i do is to water the floor of the greenhouse every morning to keep it moist.. and i do that sveral times a day in mine.. and not had them this year..

  • Thanks very much for the tip gardeningfantic... I don't have room for a green house but if i ever get a bigger garden and install one i will be sure to do as your suggest.!

  • Spider mites also have a habit of infecting strawberry plants when grown inside (experimented brightening up the office) but 4 plants died within weeks of being brought inside. Would agree with Gardeningfanatic though, it seems mist/steam is best way to go to keep them at bay.

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