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Garlic and onions vs the rain

Hi, i just planted some garlic and onions.

I waited for a warm day to do so as recommended.

However since then it has been constant heavy rain and hail.


Are the last few days of heavy rain likely to damage recently planted sets/cloves?



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 60,525

    As long as they're not waterlogged, warm soil and wet weather is a good combination for growth in my experience. image

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  • Well, the garlic was put in a grow bag, I punctured it several times to assist with drainage. But after two days of solid rain everything looks soaked through. No water puddles on top of the soil so I'll assume it's draining enough.
  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 5,517

    I've never grown these in a grow bag Ian so can't comment on how well they will do.

    If, however, they are on the ground and you are concerned about drainage I would consider putting several spaced bricks under the bag to lift it off the ground so any excess moisture can get away more easily.

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  • Ian, I put a layer of stones or clay pebbles in the bottom of my grow bags to help drain the heavy rain away. If you have another one, you could put stones in the bottom and transfer them over. Or even slide a fistful down the sides to the bottom, mainly over the holes so the water can get out, without the soil clumping and clogging the hole.

    My onions are seedlings just now, in a raised bed. The soil is wet through and has been for days. They're standing upright still, despite the heavy winds as well as rain. If those are anything to go by, we'll be fine I reckon.


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