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I know a helluva lot of people here love wildlife. The RSPB is running a campaign to get MP's to consider wildlife and their environment. All the info is on the website. Please Please have a look if you hav'nt done so far. image



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    Many thanks NG. image

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    Sorry to introduce a weary note of skepticism but we've all seen this sort of thing before. Big business will always have the last word. I have signed hundreds of petitions in my time,and I still do, but we are on a slippery slope to ruin in the end. For example, Sheffield council is still considering whether to allow a new service station to be built on Ancient Woodland even though there is a largely unused business park only half a mile down the road. The woodland is also part of a "green ring" around the city and as such should be beyond reach of a bulldozer. They shouldn't even be considering the application, far from asking for comments from the public. And look at this

    I support the RSPB on a regular basis but know that I'm on a hiding to nothing.

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    I totally understand how you feel. I assure you though, if Barnsley council wanted to do that, I would be banging on the local councillor's doors and giving them 'what for'. I also threaten them with voting against them and getting all my friends and family to do the same.

    I just got a letter about this RSPB campaign back from the MP for this area. It was the usual political garbage about how its all the fault of someone else. I'll be writing back to him to let him know that I'm watching him.

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    I wrote to my MP on a topic dear to my heart last year and got, by way of a response a quotation from Edmund Burke to his constituents, dated 1774. athe quotation rambles on for pages, but I attach one sentence from it which gives the gist.

    From this you will get the idea of how those in Westminster view us, hoi polloi.

    Good luck.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
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    I read it. It was so patronising!! The arrogance!image No wonder people are disillusioned with politicians.

    It's way past time these 'elected representatives' remember just who it is that puts them in that privileged position.

    Thank you a million times pansyface. I for one appreciate your help. x

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    Thank you nutcutlet. x

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    Thank you very much Philippa. ximage 

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    Nice one Digger, done.


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