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apple tree pests

Hello I have noticed the leaves on my 3 year old apple tree are curling and drying up. Taking a closer look they are covered in little insects. I have tried removing them by had but it is just getting worse. We also have had a lot of Ants and they seem to be crawling over the leaves with the insects on. Are they eating them or producing them? Will I lose my Apple tree? Many thanks.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,298

    The ants are 'milking' the aphids of their honeydew.  The ants 'encourage' the aphids which, if your tree was large it would probably cope ok, but as it's only a small tree the aphids might stunt it's growth.  I think I'd make a weak dilute solution of washing up liquid and spray it over the infestations - that ought to help get rid of the aphids. I've used a solution of Ecover washing up liquid to get rid of aphids on roses and it worked for me image

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  • Thank you so much I will do that. Yes it is a small apple tree and it does seem like they "the aphids" are getting the better of my tree. I appreciate your reply.

    Thank you.
  • In the spring soak  a old cloth with cooking oil and try round tree.This stops the ants and alike doing the damage.its to late now so next year.....

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