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Meconopsis Lingholm seedlings dying

I have four meconopsis lingholm seedlings which have germinated and been repotted, and two are now dying.  When they germinated I was absolutely delighted and had read as soon as they developed their true leaves (no matter how small) they need to be repotted.  So I did: I put it in small pots with ericacious compost mixed with vermiculite and then covered them with gravel.  I then have kept them on my kitchen window sill (north-facing) and watered when they are dry.  But unfortunately, the leaves of two plants are going grey and the new growth has now shrivelled up.  Should I be keeping them outside?  Am I overwatering?  I know that they tend to like the shade, but are they not getting enough sun?  I don't know what to do - I would be most grateful for any advice as I don't want to lose the rest of them and if at all possible, save the two that seem to be dying.


  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    I don't grow meconopsis, but do know that they are not easy.

    You say that you water your plants 'when dry'. I wonder if they are actually drying out. Just because a plant likes to be well-drained, and meconopsis do, does not mean that they want to be dry. Although it seems paradoxical, there are many plants that like plenty of water, and good drainage.

  • Thanks very much for you reply Gary!  I'll water a bit more regularly - my other worry is watering too much as well, as initially I thought the greying leaves looked like mould (similar to how my more mature meconopsis looks in the garden when there has been too much rain or moisture).  

  • I think I discovered the problem: unfortunately, the seedings were damping off.  I read that the meconopsis seedlings should be watered from below to prevent this.  Alas, only one left among the 6 which germinated!  Wish I had known earlier.  Anyways, thought I would share this in case anyone is / was thinking of growing meconopsis lingholm (or any other Himilayan blue poppy).

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