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Talkback: Octoberfest

Don't be too fastidious clearing up. Birds and other wildlife will need all the help we can give them through the winter.


  • I'd forgotten how much I like Autumn, you get distracted by the thought of cold, damp weather, then a quick ten minutes tidying up in the garden turns into a relaxed, productive afternoon, surrounded by colours only a British autumn can provide, and the promise of new life to follow with the bulbs being planted for spring. The hedgehogs make a lovely sight mid-evening looking for food and the birds are certainly making the most of all the garden provides, all in all, one can't help feeling a little satisfied and smug when being a part of it!
  • read any gardening tips now and it will tell you to raise the cutting height of the mower, cutting more grass in a week than most people do in a year our advice is cut it now as short as possible and you will have no trouble come march, you will do no harm to the grass and those tips where alright 50yrs ago but times are changing.
  • I agree about the mowing. Autumns are much warmer. Personally I hate mowing and wish it would stop earlier but I have still found myself mowing up until about December over the past couple of years - I think it may be the lawn's revenge for all the swearing I subject it to over the year.
  • I too love Autumn in the garden for its late colours and gentle pace. However I do find it is worth clearing up and tying back a little, if only because it often reveals a little gem of a flower that has been hidden by this years rather lax and sprawling growth. Perhaps this is more applicable in a tiny garden like mine, where far too many plants are squeezed in to satisfy my ever growing'plant mania'.
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