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I need a new clematis

I am looking to plant a clematis in the front garden on an old trellis - there's not much soils and I wonder about a large pot for it.  I have only had one summer in the house and in the back garden against an 8 ft wall is a clematis which seems to have been flowering for months, is still in bloom and I wonder what it might b??  Its flowering is quite prolific (I don't know whether to cut it back this autumn or what will happen to it if I don't - I left it last autumn as I'd just moved in?) and has quite a simple purple flower.  Would anybody know which clematis this might be?  Are there any other recommendations for a long-flowering clematis for my front garden trellis?  (I don't want it to become too vigorous like some montanas I have had in the past.  Many thanks in anticipation of helpful comments!


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