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Pumpkin vines

Hi all, I was wondering if you could help me.

I have three pumpkin vines and each vine has one pumpkin on. Can I cut the end of the vines to the nearest pumpkin? Two pumpkins are still green, so I was wondering whether cutting the vines shorter, might put more energy into the pumpkins?

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  • You don't say what variety of pumpkin you are growing or whether outside or under cover but at this point in the year they should be almost ripe or at least well on their way to ripening.  If you have any small fruits attempting to grow on the vines, remove them as they won't grow much now and will take vigour from the vine. 

    As a general rule for winter Squash/Pumpkins, once you have the number of fruit you feel the vine will support and which you think will ripen, remove other fruits and trim back the vine.  Whilst the leaves remain green and healthy, leave them on.  Sad to say, if 2 of your pumpkins are still green at this time of year, it is rather unlikely that the will now ripen sufficiently. 

    Hope this helpsimage

  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951
    Not much hope for my walnut sized green ones then!
  • Mrs.G......well, you could always pickle them and pass them off as green walnuts I supposeimage

  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951
    Lol! The flowers were nice though! image

    I have a jar of pickled walnuts - absolutely disgusting!
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  • Thankyou for your quick reply Philippa Smith2!

    I am not sure what variety they are, as I used the seeds from last years supermarket pumpkin. They are also growing outdoors, in a low raised bed.

    That's disappointing to read - the one green pumpkin is a good size to carve! Never mind, I'm happy that I'll have one small pumpkin (which is turning orange).


    Thankyou for your help/advice. I will do what you said tomorrow   image


  • Gladioligirl............have a good Haloween anywayimage

  • MrsG: you might spray paint your 'undersized' fruits and hang them on the Christmas tree...? image    as organically-grown novelty ornaments! image

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