veg garden planning software

has any one ever used any of these software packages. if so which and what feature did you like dislike and what weakness did software have



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    A long time ago I did try a garden design package. It was completely useless in every respect. I don't know if anything has changed since then. I doubt it.

    Firstly, anything that runs on a laptop or home computer will have nothing like the power and sophistication of professional packages used to design Olympic Park and similar.

    Then there is the problem of data entry. If you have a very small garden, do you really need a computer to keep track of things? If you have a large garden, and might conceivably require a computer, then the task of entering the co-ordinates and details of every single plant in your garden will be formidable.

    The way the package that I had represented plants was very poor. It was systematic. Vague coloured blobs were all it offered. You could not for example, supply a real photo of each plant, and let the package use that to build its image.

    The way the package represented such things as ponds, or pergolas was very primitive, and systematic. My pond and pergola simply did not have the same shape or appearance as the standard one they wanted to give me.

    There are several of these programs available from Amazon, and you can see what customers thought of them....

    Amazon also offer one called "Geoff Hamilton's 3 D Garden Designer". Geoff Hamilton was a respected presenter of Gardeners World. There are no reviews for that one. The price is £2 plus postage, or 1 penny second hand, also through Amazon. I haven't seen it. It might be worth a try. But don't expect too much.

  • gary i said veg garden planning software not general garden planning software the two are not same do read the topics first befotre posting otherwise it makes you look stupid.


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    Why would anyone want to buy software to plan their veg when an A4 sheet of paper would do.

    Your rudeness to the only person who has replied will stop others from replying to your original question.

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    If Plainleaf is who I think he is, he is known for being rude and also for posting threads and comments designed to create trouble.   He's been banned from umpteen gardening websites.  Best ignored.

    If anyone does want a veg garden planner for UK gardening, they could do worse than consult Tee Gee's Almanac.  He's an old poster on the Beeb and also A4A and keeps careful records of when to sow, plant out and harvest his fruit an veg.

    The Vendée, France
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    Actually I admit to being totally ignorant about the orignal question, as I don't grow any vegetables. image

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    imageimageimage  Gary.

  • obelixx guess you still can't stay on topic or answer basic questions.

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    I rest my case.  Plainleaf is Grid the Gardener amongst many other ids.

    The Vendée, France
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    Well whoever it is, they have proved themselves to be very rude, calling someone stupid for offering advice. Especially as already mentioned, a piece of paper, a pencil and research would be quite suffice. Which you could then scan to your PC for future reference. Or enter into a simple spreadsheet, which you could alter when needed.

    Maybe you should use your computer for other resources, plainleaf, like maybe googling the words 'Pot,' 'Kettle' and 'Black'.

    And to answer your original question. No.

  • if a a peice paper and pen work is not the point.


    The question was and still is have you used any  veg planning software or not ;and if you did use one, what you thought of it. Any other answers are irrelivate and rude.

    Since if ask people about there experence with different car models and  they start to talk about bicycle,mopads and motor cycles.  same point of irrelivents  Any other answer are irrelivate and rude.

    Since if ask people about there experence with different car models and  they start to talk about bicycle,mopads and motor cycles.  Basic irrelivent answer and responce  as they say DON'T BLAME ME If you can't stay on topic. 

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    This is not a school exam - it's a conversation amongst intelligent adults.  If you want to play schoolteacher  you're in the wrong place.

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    @plainleaf - are you saying I'm rude and irrelevant with regards to my reply ?

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    I haven't used any veg planning software.

    For me, I've seen enough of what you have to say to be my first ignore on here, best thing to do with the likes of you. Very rude but also very sad

  • marshmello I was not refering to you post I was refuring to other posters such as Insomnia1973,joslow,obelixx.

    As for obelixx she got lot of her posts banned from bbc garden board because she kept going offtopic and posting irrelivent info which one resean bbbc closed that board.

    Dovefromabove but given the response from obelixx  i find It hard to believe that your theory holds water.




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    But the thing is plainleaf, I too know you of old.  You're going on my ignore list as well.

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  •  obelixx   teegee almanac does not count as a veg planning peice software.

    good try but then again you still can't privide a reference to the corn root depth study you claimed you read.

  • It is covered in this:

    Jordan, M., Picard, D., & Trendel, R. (1992). Ramification des racines nodales primaires du maïs (Zea mays L). Données de structure et de cinétique. Agronomie, 12(1), 15-30.

    Please stop asking.


  • Fantastic first post Dishwasher Crab. Wish there were a 'Like' button!

  • Well, as a gardener trying to buy some software to assist me in growing vegetables, is there anybody who has used any Vegetable Gardening Software? If so, what did you think? I need something that will inform me as to when to do things like add compost, lime etc. Preferably being able to tick the items off when completed.

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