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Rampant raspberry plants

Hi All

Two years ago  I planted a fresh row of raspberries at my allotment. I bought some autumn ones and was given several whipa of a friend's summer variety.  The autumn ones have grown ok but the others went absolutely mad at the beginning of this year and spread amongst my berry bushes as well as way into next plotholder's patch.  I could not believe how much they had spread along the surface of the ground when I went there in February/March this year. They grew to about 10 feet in height and despite this, the crop was sad. I am so embarassed about it.

SO does anyone know what I might have done wrong and what I should do.  I am sorely tempted to rip the whole lot up and start again.



  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,540
    Did you see GW last night? Cut those that have fruited this year back and keep some of this year's for next year. You can cut the top off when they grow to tall. Someone gave me a few canes which I put in my garden, they were wild though and there is now a huge patch of them in the field behind me.
  • Thanks PennineP. Sorry for the delay in response.

    Yes I saw the programme about pruning raspberries.  I have cut back this summer's fruited canes and started to remove any laterally growing pieces.  I rpobably should only have put in a single row rather than a double one so I have thinned them out.  Will keep an eye on them over the autumn winter months  and try to restrain them as and when necessary. Fingers crossed.

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