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How do I get rid of rust from my garden?

Hi, I'm relatively new to gardening so apologies in advance if my posts don't make a great deal of sense.

The summer before last I noticed my mint patch had developed yellow and black spots. I found out that this was rust, so I destroyed all the plants as instructed.

Last summer, I planted a rosemary in place of the mint patch, and within a couple of weeks that too became covered in the same yellow spots as the mint. I dug it up and destroyed that too.

Not knowing what to do, I left that patch of garden clear this year. We had some house guests staying with us recently who bought us a present of some raspberry plants. They were ordered online and have not yet arrived.

There is only one space in my garden where I can plant them and it's where the mint and rosemary both became covered in rust and had to be destroyed.

My question is this, how do I clean (for want of a better word) the soil so that I can plant the raspberry's without them becoming infected with rust, but without using a chemical that is likely to result in making the raspberry's inedible / risk poisoning my children next summer?

Do I have to dig up and discard as much of the soil as possible and replace it with soil from the garden centre or is there some sort of safe pesticide / fungicide that I can spray the existing soil with?

Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.



  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,994

    The kind of rust which attacks mint is not  going to attack Raspberries. Indeed Raspberries are very tough plants and have few diseases. Pests,yes, Virus from poor stock, yes, but otherwise they are good growers.

  • WaltDWaltD Posts: 2

    ok thanks! image

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