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Overwintering begonias

I had beautiful, large begonias in pots all summer.  They are dying now.  How I keep the roots so that they will grow and flower again next year?


  • What I did last year was remove the soil from the corm. I made sure to check there were no insects or vine weevle grubs hidden. I left the corm to dry out before removing any further soil that was sticking to it. Then I wrapped them up in newspaper, each corm in 1 or 2 sheets and stored somewhere cool and dark until about March time.

    Then, when I was starting off my overwintered Dahlias I started the Begonia off as well. I've had smashing blooms all summer. Hope this helps but others may have different ways of storing them.

  • Thank you - I'll give this a go.

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    I usually let mine dry off in the compost they have been growing(easier to clean the corms) then follow the above

    It is an idea.a to check them for squashiness and bugs round about December time.


  • DinDin Posts: 1

    My begonias have been lovely this year and I would like to try and keep them for next year.  Should I take off the foliage now, or wait until it has died down?  Thanks

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