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Help needed please

august bank holiday week I put my Christmas potatoes in. They've come up just as they should have done but on closer inspection today, some of the leaves have brown marks on them and the lower leaves have turged yellow and/or fallen off 


is this the dreaded blight? 


I'm trying to upload a pic but keep getting "service 503 unavailable" 


Please and thank you image 



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,724

    I think the error message you're getting may be because the picture is too big, or because the site is too busy.

    Are you clicking on the green tree icon to upload?

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  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

    I don't know why I put an exclamation mark instead of a question mark, that is one of my pet hates image

    DfA, yes I'm clicking on the green tree 


    1Rb1 I'm on my iPad but everything is up to date. I just tried from my phone but there isn't a bar at all! 

    There are days when I hate Google. There's so much conflicting information image 


    ive removed the yellow and worst affected leaves and disposed of them just to be on the safe side. It seems mainly to be one row that is affected so I'll keep an eye on it, and in the meantime fire up my laptop and see if I can post a pic from there

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,676

    just a thought: I've just google imaged "potato blight" and there are lots of photos there, do your spuds look like any of them?

  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810


    They look very much like some of the close ups on this page image

  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

    Thanks RB. I can't get up there now til after work tomorrow. Hopefully it'll have stopped raining by then! 

  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

    Thank you buddyboy- kinda like the first one but not so severe

  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

    No, there are no pots in the ground, and there wasnt anything in that bed for a long time. I don't even think it was a bed before I got there! 

    Hopefully a pic...



  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810
    Thank you Buddyboy, you've confirmed what I thought image

    I've painstakingly removed every leaf that had black marks on it. Took a while! I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens. I've got some Bordeaux mixture on order so will apply it when it arrives. Hopefully I've managed to save my crop, but I guess only time will tell
  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810
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