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I have on my plot a few fruit trees, I have two apple tree's, one pear tree, one plum, on quince and a cherry tree. They have all been planted within the last three years, with the quince tree being the most recent (last november).

I have read that puttin blood, fish and bonemeal around the trees is good, but my question is; at what time of year is it best to apply this? Also will it benefit my quince in particular that has been attacked by some kind of fungus this year (as mentioned in a previous post).


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 60,525

    Fish, Blood and Bone is an organic slow-acting fertiliser.  I usually apply it to fruit trees in the very early spring (February), but I know some people who are happy to apply it at any time in the winter after the leaves have fallen.

    It will aid healthy sturdy growth rather than the soft lush growth that often results from the use of a high nitrogen fertiliser, so it's just what your quince needs. image

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  • Brilliant, thank you both! Very much appreciated!
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