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Climbers for wet areas

Has anyone any ideas for climbers or any plant that would cover a 3' high by 6' wide trellis on the edge of my bog garden. I need it to give me some privacy from bothersome neighbours (not too near but in my line of sight without some barrier)  and also to cut down the wind round my seating and wildlife pool area; but the ground seems to be permanently wet to wetish? I have been on the Internet but have come up with zilch.


  • For privacy I think you would prefer an evergreen.    What about cotoneaster or pyracanthus?  

  • Yeah, pyracantha might tolerate it ok. As might euonymous fortuneii or lonicera nitida. All are shrubs rather than climbers but can be tied in to clothe walls/trelis etc and then clipped to keep them flat. You migt consider planting whatever yu use on a bit of a mound to reduce waterlogging at the roots.

  • frensclanfrensclan Posts: 119

    Thanks for that, I have already made a bit of a raised bed in the hope that it might help. the pyracantha sounds a good idea but I will have a look at the above as well. The garden is a nightmare as it seems permanently saturated if not under water ( heavy clay) Drainage is not practical we have been told ;so everything is being constructed above ground level like decks and raised beds. I have just gone ahead and planted to see what will go and have been rewarded with a wonderful display of sweet peas and lots of different types of beans despite the almost constant rain up here in the north west.

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