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Ok, I've ordered a lot of spring bulbs/plants and when I ordered them, I knew exactly where I was going to put them. Inevitably after time elapses, I change my mind and now I can't decide how to lay out the following flowers, in a 7m long x 50cm wide border. 

19 sweet William mixed; 24 polyanthus crescendo mixed; 24 bellis daisy mixed; 50 muscari mixed blues; 10 yellow double crocuses; 10 purple double crocuses and 25 English bluebells.  The plants are all ready to be planted out, having been grown on from plugs. 

Do I put them in sections/split them up/have an intended design?  I've usually stuck to sections or one type of flower in a border but I'm starting to think it would look nice to mix them up a bit but I find it quite difficult.  Any suggestions would be very welcome.  This is where I would love an online garden design package so I can swap and change until I'm happy image



  • CharleyDCharleyD Posts: 440

    "No intended design and sheer colour", I like that idea very much.  How liberating after all my precise planning image    Yes, I shall do just that and to get an idea of the spacing, I can lay everything out on the path that runs parallel with the border.

    Ooh, thanks for the tip about the bluebells.  I've got a perfect alternative place for them to go ... down under a tree in the corner next to the wood which is immediately behind our garden.  They'll be well away from everything else there.

    Thanks Verdun image



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