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Plants for June Wedding

A friend has offered to sow seeds and take cuttings of plants in her polytunnel,  which can be used for table decorations and Church decorations at my daughter's wedding next June.  We don't, as yet, have a colour theme for bridesmaids, so creams/whites/yellows would probably be the most appropriate colours to grow at this stage. Also, some tall flowers would be useful. I would welcome any advice and comments. Thank you.


  • Roses do it every time...with some fernery - could even be asparagus at that time of year!


  • This is a 'no brainer' for has to be sweet peas with gypsophila. Sow the seed now and they will be at their very best by early June.

    I took someone on another board through the whole thing for a June wedding....her daughter had a beautiful & colourful day.


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