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WhippetWhippet Posts: 138

Greetings image
Please can you tell me what is the best distance to leave between Lavender when planting a hedge/border.

Some are Hidcote and quite small. The others are larger but the variety is unknown. Currently thay are about 18 inches flowers but some buds. Thankyou


  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    About A Foot apart is usually good if your trying to make a Hedge. If not I'd go 2 Feet or more.

  • WhippetWhippet Posts: 138

    Thankyou. I will begin tomorrow image

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Just remember to trim them down by about a third after Flowering before Winter sets in.

    That will give them the chance to bulk up on their leaves and be great for next year

  • WhippetWhippet Posts: 138

    OK, will remember to do that. Thankyou.

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