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Growing mint in plastic bottles.

emma9emma9 Posts: 1


I'm very interested in container gardening and using recycled plastic bottles to grow things in image

Which brings me on to my next questions - Is it possible to grow mint from seeds in a plastic bottle? Which variety might work best - Spearmint or Peppermint? Has anyone tried this and did you have any success?

Any advise with this would be greatly appreciated.



  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Well no, haven't tried it and couldn't advise on optimal variety, but The easiest way tp propagate mint is from roots. So if you have a minted mate, you could probably scrounge a small clump. I try and remember to dig up a bit of mine to keep growing in the gh over winter. Mint likes to be on the moist side, and does best in a bit of shade in my experience. I grow apple mint in an old galvanised tub, and my spearmint in an old pub urinal. People often express interest in the latter unusual container, but I don't often divulge its provenance.
  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Do you mean in a plastic bottle used as a cloche to protect from slugs etc? If so, you don't need to, mint is a thug of the first order, we have several types here and all grow in pots so as to keep them out of the borders, or we'd have to move in a year or two, and not tell anyone they were there !!  If you mean using the plastic bottles as a pot, no reason why not as long as you have plenty of drainage holes in it, and tuck it somewhere a bit shady - and where it will not freeze quite solid in the winter- tho' I suspect that might not worry mintt at all.  Never grown it from seed, anyone who has some is usually very happy to give away roots, look around your neighbours, or ask around - gardeners are very friendly people who often are very willing to share what they have.

    I would not sow seeds now, unless you have somewhere light and warm to keep them, keep the seeds till next spring  ...   hope some of this helps? 

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