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  • image I get mine with Tesco vouchers and it is cheaper than the direct subs. Worth a try if you collect Clubcard points. I have done it for several years now and you don't have the bother of being auto. locked in a sub. with GW.

  • Hi OP, I too have taken this offer, as It was cheaper than me buying at the news agents. Just starting out gardening and have just planted my first part of the garden, found the advice in the mags invaluable so far (but quite overwhelming on how much there is to take in). Even with the additional 6 issues at an increased price from the 1 pound cost, it's still a saving, so I'm happy, but I do make a note in my diary for when I need to cancel it in future.

    As I said, I am new to gardening and have a blank canvas to play with with nothing but brambles in to deal with, so i will probably be posting for advice quite a lot on here.
  • I have made scrap books with items i think i will need to read again, usually how to prune things i always forget how to. I still have brambles on my allotment which i have had for 5 years. Have dug them out , hacked at them and put weed killer on them and they still keep growing. They do have the sweetest blackberries. I have a feeling they are indestrucktable ( not sure i have spelt that right).

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