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Gw subscription

Hi Have just brought the gw subscription advertisement which is 5 gw magazines for ??5. I thought this was such a bargain as the magazines retail for over ??3 don't they?? Just wondered if anybody else had taken this great offer up? Jem x


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    No, I had GW for many years as a subscription but then after a while got rather fed up with it all the time, so now buy the odd one if it looks interesting & with new information in it.  However, that does indeed look like a good offer, so if you are interested, go for it.  I found it very good in the earlier years of gardening, but a bit repetative after about 15 years!!  Enjoy, there are some good things in it. 

  • Hi bookertoo I defo agree. I can imagine it would be come quite tiresome if you were a pro Gardner and had it every month.

    I on the other hand am a new Gardner so like you said would find it interesting and will need the advice and information : )

    Have taken advantage of this offer and hopefully received my issue in September.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    I find it a good read but like bookertoo can see why it would become repetative after few years, I've been getting it for 2 - 3 years now. I've found it well worth the cost just for the special offers, love the middle section and the bit which tells you about someone elses garden....actually there's not much I don't likeimage 

    Money well spent - Jem    

  • joslowjoslow Posts: 218

    Jem have you checked the t&cs when your 5 months end? I did one of these offers for another mag and ended up paying for the next 3 months at full price  without noticing it.

  • I have looked at the advert and was very tempted with the offer of 5 issues for £5.  However this is the advert

    Subscribe to Gardeners' World Magazine for £5 for first 5 issues, After this, continue to pay just £19.38 every 6 issues, saving 15% on the shop price

    It doesn't say whether or not you can cancel after the first five issues or whether you are comitted to paying £19.38 for the next six issues.

  • Hi

    No I haven't looked : ( silly me. Just thought it was a good offer. Didn't think about the terms & conditions.

    Will be having a look now at what they say. Hope I won't be retreating this buy.

    Thanks for letting me know Jem x
  • They do different offers from time to time - sometimes they throw in a gift such as a book or a sweatshirt. I looked out for good offers and in Jan this year I took up an offer of £13.50 per 6 months. No extra gifts, but it seemed like a good deal compared with other offers.

    You mya find you can cancel after your first 5 cheap issues. They count on most people forgetting or not bothering to do this, or simply liking the mag enough to keep paying the full rate.

  • I subscribe for the mag and havent found that much repitition. I read it then my mum then my neighbour and then a friend so think its pretty good value as i get cake in return from my friends. Cake is good.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Cake is excellent, no denial of that!  I had been having the magazine for many years, so it was hardly surprising that it repeated - it will always need new readers and as yet unexperienced gardeners to help.  i did like it alot until a couple of years ago when I found I just was not reading it any more - time to stop I thought. 

  • I looked at the 5 issues for ??5 offer, but when I looked at the small print I found that subsequent issues were at a saving of 15%. However when I clicked on a 'subscribe now' box at the top of the screen I found an offer that gave me a better deal in the long term.
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