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Can indoor Azaleas 'become' outdoor Azaleas

Last Spring, I bought 6 lovely,healthy dwarf standard Azalaeas which I kept in cool conditions and which are now showing heavy new growth at the base  and makiing its way up each stem..  

The crowns are lovely and fresh,though beginning to lose their shape..They look as though they need-and want to-be outdoors. But would they survive if I planted them out?  The new base and stem growth is very bushy-not at all leggy.

Advice/opinion,please. Very grateful.Thank you.



  • jenufajenufa Posts: 4

    Call me obtuse-but why am I  expected to reply

    to myself?

    I thought  I'd started a new thread. 


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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,817

    Not sure why you think you've to reply to yourself - is it because there's a 'Reply' icon at the top of the page? That's for other posters to reply, although most will simply do what I'm doing and then press 'Submit reply'.

    In answer to your query, Azaleas are hardy and should be outside. The new growth is because the shrub wants to revert to it's normal habit. If you want them as standards you'll have to constantly prune all the lower growth away from the main trunk. If they've been under cover for quite a while you'll have to harden them off a bit by putting them out each day for a few hours, gradually increasing the length of time. It's not the best time of year to do this as the new growth will be 'soft' but they should be ok if you do it over a couple of weeks, keeping an eye on them and making sure they don't go short of water. Keep them somewhere sheltered over winter though to give them the best chance, especially if hard weather is forecast. image

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  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,084

    If you received azalea as a present from someone who bought it in a supermarket as opposed to nursery, I find that they just aren't hardy enough to put outside and just keel over and die. Florist or Nursery presents seem to fair better, I assume because they have had a better start. Just a shame they all seem to be pink /red or white!

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