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Swallows are my favourite bird andI I get so excited when I see the first one in spring.

I thought they'd all flown away this year but there were six swooping over the pond this morning.  They were this years babies as they had shorter tail feathers. I understand that the adults fly away first and the young follow afer. It's amazing that they can find their way.  I've often wonder if the kids go to the same area as mum and dad, it would be even more amaing if they did.

Ah well,roll on next april.


  • We've had them since moving into our house 2 years ago, they are ever so cute image
    I think ours have flown away now though as I haven't seen them for a while, would've been nice to wave them goodbye lol

  • philip4philip4 Posts: 42

    always sad to see them go;imageimage

  • Pam, if you can get hold of a copy of Ian Newton's 'Bird Migration' (Collins, 2010) you can see a lot of the most recent and most fascinating research.

  • Thanks for that, Joe. I'd like to see what they are up towhen they are not with us.

    I once saw swallows following my dog through long grass and afterI I'd seen a documentary on swallows in Africa that were following elephants that were disturbing insects reaslised they were following my dog just the same.

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