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sweet peas in toilet roll inners

Following an article I saw on Gardener's World, I planted sweet pea seeds in toilet roll inners last month. The seedlings are coming through okay but the toilet roll inners are becoming mouldy already. They are in an unheated greenhouse with the door & roof vent open during the day and I'm just keeping them damp with a mister, avoiding spraying the inners as much as possible. I'm guessing the mould will affect the seedlings eventually so does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and what action I should take please? Many thanks, Deborah.    


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Too wet -the inners will eventually disintergrate in any case-the mould is just the start-that is the drawback -so not doing anything wrong as such.

    There is a  dedicated sweet pea thread on here by the way


  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    Ii use toilet roll inners for my beans in spring. They always go mouldy and the beans are OK. However sweet peas are going to be in the tubes for a  long time during winter when things that are damp encourage mould. I would if possible put them in pots or root trainers even though they have germinated. Choose taller pots and plant in the tubes. 

    Someone else on here may come up with other ideas.

  • once the sweet peas have come through plant out into position with toilet roll holder device in place.They do better now to be planted out(advice given to me)and the cardboard in time will disintegrate.The mould is because of over watering in  a closed area.image

  • Don't bother - I don't think overwintering sweet peas does them any favours, and toilet roll inners once they get wet just delaminate. Try sowing seeds again in late February, several seeds in a large pot and transplant after frosts

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